How to Diffuse Essential Oils Effectively

Do you love candles?  I have loved candles for many years. My favorite has always been the cinnamon roll candles, not only do they look yummy, but they smell absolutely delicious.

As I started this natural health journey for my family, what I learned about scented candles, I didn’t love.   In fact, it made me quit using them altogether, along with a few other things.

The fragrances will wreak havoc on your health, respiratory and hormonal to be exact.

Thankfully, there is a natural solution to candles.  Essential oils!  By diffusing essential oils, you can make your home smell wonderful but you can also support your body emotionally.

Let’s dive into a tiny bit of science.

It all comes down to the Limbic System, which is what works with aromatic compounds.

When you inhale an essential oil, the molecules of the oil go into the back of each nostril to the epithelium patch where the molecules attach to receptors on the cilia hairs. These convert to nerves that send the odor information to the olfactory bulb in the brain. This bulb communicates directly with the amygdala, hippocampus, and other brain structures.

The amygdala is the center for emotions in the limbic system and it links our sense of smell to our ability to learn emotionally.

The capacity to link information and emotions is why essential oils are such a powerful partner in creating and maintaining emotional health.

This is EXACTLY why smells will trigger memories more than seeing an image, tasting food, or even listening to music!

To give you an example, when I was young, I remember my dad always eating Certs breath mints.  When I first started using essential oils and smelled doTERRA’s Deep Blue, it instantly brought back fond memories of Dad and those breath mints. To this day every time I smell Deep Blue that is what I am reminded of.

Some of the most popular oils to start to anchor your emotional brain are citrus oils, as they provoke happy, uplifting and supportive emotions in most people.

My favorite citrus oil to use is Wild Orange!  It is like happiness in a bottle.  I can’t help but smile when I inhale the scent of Wild Orange.  It fills me with feelings of joy and sunshine.

My oldest child, many time struggled with dealing with all of the negative emotions that go with attending school.  He would sometimes come home feeling a bit low and ask for the Wild Orange. Usually after applying it over his heart and inhaling the leftovers from his hands, in about 20 minutes or so he was feeling more balanced and able to sit down and do homework.  It was an amazing thing to watch!  And, all from a tiny drop of nature!


Create your own diffuser recipes

Figuring out what you are going to put in the diffuser, isn’t hard.  The easiest way is to decide which smell you like best and what you want to smell.  Pick 2-4 oils that you are drawn to, take the caps off and take a whiff of them all together. Play with the quantities in the diffuser. If you love it, write it down.
If you want to get a little more specific and creative, figure out what emotion you would like to improve, look up what oil will support that emotion and start experimenting.   A great book for oils and emotions is Essential Emotions which can be found on
Essential Oils can be put into three categories:

👉 Base Notes (Last to smell, linger the longest - usually thicker or woody–Vetiver, Hawaiian Sandalwood, etc)
👉 Middle Notes (Deeper florals and citrus oils)
👉 Top Notes (First to smell and first to dissipate–mints and quick evaporating florals like Jasmine or Magnolia)

Use the chart below as a guide to creating your own favorite diffuser blend.

Stay Consistent

The best way to see results with your health whether emotional or physical is to find what works for your body and stay consistent.  Many times, we give up too soon or quit when things start to turn around. Staying consistent gives your body time to heal.  You didn’t get into the health situation you are in overnight; you will not heal overnight either.  The human body is great at repairing itself when given the right tools.

Create diffuser stations around your home.  Keep a bottle of clean water (distilled or filtered) next to your diffuser, along with a few of your favorite oils.  This way your diffuser is ready to the day by making your space smell magical and elevating your mood.

Diffuser Recipes

Here are some great diffuser recipes to get you started.

Wake Up Blend
💧 3 drops Wild Orange
💧 3 drops Peppermint
Spring Fling Diffuser Blend
💧 3 drops Lemongrass or Litsea
💧 3 drops Tangerine
💧 2 drops Spearmint
Field of Flowers Diffuser Blend
💧 3 drops Wild Orange
💧 2 drops Lemongrass
💧 2 drops Lavender
💧 1 drop Geranium
Morning Dew Diffuser Blend
💧 2 drops Sandalwood
💧 3 drops Bergamot
💧 3 drops Grapefruit
💧 1 drop Peppermint
Sleep Tight Diffuser Blend
💧 2 drops Roman Chamomile
💧 2 drops Wild Orange
💧 2 drops Cedarwood
💧 1 drop Lavender
Root Beer Float
💧 4 drops Vanilla
💧 2 drops Wild Orange
💧 1 drop Wintergreen

Are you ready for a challenge?  Diffuser every day for 30 days!  See what the emotional environment is in your home after 30 days.  Did it get better?  Want to do this challenge with someone?  Join my Fun & Fabulous 30-Day Diffuser Challenge.  You will get many more diffuser recipes and I can’t wait to hear about the results in your home.  

You will want to use quality oils to get the best results.  You can open a doTERRA wholesale account with me today because who really wants to pay retail.  Wholesale is like having a permanent coupon in your shopping cart all the time.  Visit my doTERRA site or schedule a call with me and I will help you create a wholesale account. 
Need more information on essential oils and what they can do?  Register for one of my FREE Essential Oil 101 classes.

Use essential oils to transform your health and bring calm and balance to your body both physically and emotionally.

Join me for my Fun & Fabulous Diffuser Challenge.  Let's see what these amazing gifts of the earth can do for you!

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