For the adoptive mom who is done with all the BIG emotions and DRAMA coming from the little people in her home.

Discover how to bring balance to the chaos and create peace and calm in your home

You Have Adopted AND the honeymoon is over!

Is your child exhibiting behaviors and emotions that you don’t know what to do with?

Is it a constant struggle to help your child regulate his/her emotions?

When you try to talk with other moms, do you feel like it might just be you? They don’t really understand what is going on?  

Do you hear “Oh, that’s just normal kid stuff”?  And yet you feel like you are dealing with an extreme version of “normal kid stuff”.

Does it feel like no one is really listening, as you try to find answers?

I have been there! The struggle is real, you are not imagining it!

"I have known Jodi since 2004 back when we were starting our adoption journey. Over the course of the years, she has been an amazing source of support for me during the ups and downs of adoptive parenting and specifically FASD parenting. Jodi has a wealth of knowledge about not only FASD but adoptive parenting in general and is always supportive and encouraging. I can always count on her to provide wise counsel and encourage me to continue to persevere in my FASD parenting."
—Tiffany Upton

WE ARE TAUGHT TO BELIEVE... is all we need to change the life of a child

...if we do everything perfectly our children will turn out perfectly

...our children must meet all the milestones of other children and must do everything that other children do, even though they cannot emotionally handle it

...that other moms have all the answers and we compare our outcomes in parenting to others

...if we are overwhelmed from dealing with the difficult behaviors and emotions on a daily basis, that we must be doing something wrong
While others are well-meaning, they don't understand.  They do not have the experience to give advice to the adopted mom.
Adopted children deal with a variety of emotional traumas from their past. 
It comes out in behaviors and emotions that are larger than life and stress for the adoptive parent that is beyond anything you can imagine, as you strive to raise healthy children, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.
Yes, it takes parenting strategies and professional help BUT sometimes that is just not enough.  
Hi, I'm Jodi!

Are you ready to bring calm to the chaos in your home?  

I coach adoptive moms to bring balance and peace to the BIG emotions in their homes using natural solutions and the power of God in their lives.

The day I realized that my child's strong emotions of anger were not just the terrible twos and were not going away, was the day my journey started to understand where the emotions were coming from and how I could help my child learn the tools necessary to manage his emotions.

I know you long to bring back the peace to your home and the joy back to your parenting.  

As an adoptive mom, I understand the feeling of lost hope and the constant searching for solutions to make life more bearable in the midst of constantly dealing with difficult behaviors.

As a wellness coach, I know what it takes to bring balance to the BIG emotions filling your home.  I have helped many adoptive moms find natural solutions to support the physical and emotional health of their children.
IMAGINE IF... could use natural solutions to manage and ease your child’s emotional trauma while they learn to understand how to use their emotions properly.   

...there was a simple solution to help your child get the rest they needed to ease their anxious feelings and be better able to control their emotions. had a community of other adoptive moms to answer questions and offer a listening ear. 

You can absolutely have all of this and more!

There is an answer!

I will help guide you with natural solutions to help manage your child’s emotional trauma in a way you have never experienced before! AND provide YOU, the adopted mom, the support and caring you have been longing for!

"Jodi Randolph has been a God send to me personally. As a mom of a kiddo with FASD it has been quite the parenting journey. Jodi has been on a similar journey just farther ahead. She has encouraged me. She has been real with me. She has helped me realize I am not alone. You will benefit from her experience, mistakes, and wisdom!"
—Ralene Challinor
for the
Adoptive Mom

Learn how trauma affects your child and your home

Understand the invisible disability that affects many adopted children

Develop strategies to balance emotions and begin to bring healing to the trauma

Learn how to use natural solutions effectively to support the emotions

🌻 Self-guided, faith-based, course for the adoptive mom to bring peace and balance to her home. (value $450)

🌻 6 private calls where we create and implement strategies using the tools in the course (value $500)

🌻 Unlimited Voxer messages (value $300)

BONUS: How to work with professionals to get services for your child (value $100)

BONUS: 4x6 printable Essential Oil cards (value $25)

BONUS: 1 (60 min) Wellness Consult and Wellness Plan (value $200)

~CHAOS 2 CALM is a faith-based course.  We will be using scripture to strengthen our relationship with God as He guides us on the incredible parenting journey He has blessed us with.~