Keys to Creating a Healthy Family Naturally

Use natural Solutions to bring emotional balance to your home!

Have the confidence to address your child's physical and emotional needs using natural solutions.

Are you A parent of a child with Emotional instability?

💕 Are you searching for an effective solution to support your child's emotions and bring balance to the extreme range of emotions?

 💕 Do you wish you had a solution to ease the anxious feelings of your child?

 💕 Are you looking for a natural solution that actually works?

  💕 Do you wish you could talk with another mom who really understood what your are going through each day with your child?


My name is Jodi!  

I teach moms to use natural solutions and essential oils to become  healers in their homes.  I am on a mission to help adoptive moms to learn how to use natural solutions effectively to bring about positive change in the health of their children physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.


Fun & Fabulous Diffuser Challenge

Try this FREE 30-Day challenge to use your diffuser everyday.  Helpful information and 30+ diffuser recipes to utilize!
See the emotional benefits right before your eyes!


Chaos 2 Calm

You have adopted and the honeymoon is over!  

Is your child exhibiting behaviors and emotions that you don’t know what to do with? 

Do you feel like you are parenting an extreme version of "normal kid stuff"? 

I can help guide you with natural solutions to help manage your child's emotional trauma in a way you have never experienced before.


Transformation Health Coaching using Natural Solutions

You have identified the health issues your family needs to improve on and are ready to make a change.  Transformation Coaching is just the ticket to creating lasting changes in the health of you and your family.