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My vision is to help busy moms like you create healthy families with easy, kid friendly recipes that support a gluten, dairy, and nut free diet, ideas for supporting the emotional and physical health of your family, and tips and tricks for incorporating natural solutions into everyday activities. 

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12 Weeks of Holiday Recipes

Gluten free, dairy free, nut free
Baking allergy friendly holiday favorites has never been easier!  Get 1 recipe every week for 12 weeks.  PLUS tips and tricks for baking gluten, dairy free with a splash of essential oils. Get your first recipe now! 

Are you ready for a fun, interactive, learning experience with essential oils?

Join me on Facebook October 19-23, 2020 to learn what essential oils are, how to use them safely and effectively, and where to find the best oils for the best price.  There are fun prizes and the opportunity to receive a FREE Fall Diffuser Recipes ebook!


Meet Jodi

Hi! My name is Jodi.  I am the mama of 3 beautiful blessings, a wife, and a doTERRA leader and educator. As the mom of three children, two with special needs, I am always looking for solutions to help support our family's health. In 2014, I discovered doTERRA essential oils.  I was a bit desperate to...