Adoptive Mom Care

Chaos? Drama? Runaway Emotions?

Use natural Solutions to bring emotional balance to your home!

Find support from other adoptive moms who understand the struggles you work with every day!

Are you A parent of a child with Emotional instability?

💕 Are you searching for an effective solution to support your child's emotions and bring balance to the extreme range of emotions?

 💕 Do you wish you had a solution to ease the anxious feelings of your child?

 💕 Are you looking for a natural solution that actually works?

  💕 Do you wish you could talk with another mom who really understood what your are going through each day with your child?


My name is Jodi!  

I teach moms to use natural solutions and essential oils to become  healers in their homes.  I am on a mission to help adoptive moms to learn how to use natural solutions effectively to bring about positive change in the health of their children physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

For the Adoptive Mom who is done with all the BIG emotions and DRAMA coming from the little people in her home.

Discover how to bring balance to the chaos and create peace and calm in your home.  

Get the support and care you have been longing for.


This Chaos 2 Calm Course was an answer to our prayers! We have 2 adopted kiddos and have also fostered 2 additional kids along the way. Our adopted kids are now 7 and 9 and having cognitive learning, behavioral, food obsession, sensory, physical, etc. issues. We went into adoption full of excitement for God’s plans but zero education.  Jodi’s course helped us understand the Trauma all adopted kids have in addition to the biological physical problems. Her course gives real and practical ideas on how to handle a lot of the behaviors as well as Biblical encouragement. The course is self-paced and the personal phone calls were a lifeline. Thank you so much for following God’s leading and bringing Hope to the darkness.  CLICK HERE for full testimony.
—Jenn S.

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Having support from other moms who understand what you go through each day is critical to being the best mom you can be. Chaos 2 Calm VIP is my adoptive mom community. It is a private, secure group of adoptive moms who are looking to give and receive support and encouragement in their journey of raising children with trauma and FASD.