DIY Soap using Essential Oils

Dish Soap
Everyone uses liquid dish soap so why not make your own? This super simple recipe is great for removing grease, adding shine, and waking up your senses.
2 cups unscented castile soap
20 drops Lime essential oil
8 drops Lemon essential oil
6 drops doTERRA Citrus Bliss essential oil

  1. Fill a large, clean bottle with castle soap; dilute according to instructions if using a concentrate.
  2. Add essential oils. Shake bottle before each use.
  3. You’re done! Just add 1-2 tablespoons to dish water for use.

Hand Soap

My favorite foaming hand soap is more expensive than I want to spend.  I also want to have a soap that is less toxic since I encourage my family to wash their hands often.  This foaming hand soap is so easy to make!

unscented castile soap
10-15 drops On Guard blend essential oil
foaming hand soap dispenser

1.  Fill foaming hand soap dispenser 1/3 full with castile soap.
2.  Slowly fill rest of the way with water.
3.  Add 10-15 drops of On Guard blend essential oil
4.  Place lid on dispenser and shake gently.  It is ready to use!

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