Lavender and Dolphins

Recently, my girls and I had the opportunity to have a water experience with dolphins. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Both girls love dolphins but my oldest daughter has expressed a more serious interest. We traveled to Phoenix with much excitement and wonder. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine (not a surprise in Arizona). We spent about 15 minutes with the trainer learning about dolphins and what was expected of us in the water. Then the moment of getting in the water and meeting that beautiful creature.

I was in awe of the amount of personality and love given by the dolphin. I watched as each person in our group interacted with the dolphin. It was as if every care in the world had disappeared for those few moments of interaction. We were in the presence of such exquisite grace and beauty. The dolphin showered love on every individual in the group.

So what does all of this have to do with lavender? Well, nothing really unless you are fair skinned and burn easily like me. We couldn’t have on any lotion or sunscreen when we went into the water with the dolphin.

When we returned home that night, I realized that a I was sporting a very pretty shade of hot pink on one shoulder. It was beginning to itch and be uncomfortable. Lavender is good for everything calming, so I decided to mix a drop of lavender with a couple of drops of coconut oil. I put it on my shoulder and everywhere else that was a bit pink. The next morning my shoulder was much more calm. I did this for about five nights in a row. What should have peeled and been really uncomfortable, stayed calm. I love how lavender is so supportive of healthy skin.

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