Natural Tricks to Support Sleep

Sleep is an essential basic need.  Without it, our bodies don’t function properly. In our fast-paced culture we tend to go and go to try to fit in as much activity as we can.  The results can be disastrous over time.

We may experience trouble focusing, unstable emotions, eating too much, memory issues, not to mention the physical aliments that may arise from lack of sleep.

As a mom, I have seen countless times what happens, with my children, when they are not getting enough rest. There are increased tantrums, trouble regulating emotions, lack of concentration, insecurity, trouble falling asleep because they are over tired, and probably things I don’t even know that are related.

Lack of sleep also makes it more difficult to be the mom, I need to be.

Benefits of sleep

When we are getting enough sleep we allow the body to refresh itself and to heal and repair itself. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep and children and teenagers need more.

Sleep supports:

Better brain function
Increased focus
Improved attention span
Better regulated emotions
Improved immunity and overall better health
May also help with improved weight management

What can we do to improve sleep?

Setting a regular bedtime and wake up time helps your body get into the rhythm it needs to function properly. It also helps our children know what to expect and creates simple structure to their day.  This will also improve regulation of emotions.

Limit or eliminate screen time an hour or more before bed. The constant changing of pictures on the screens, keeps the brain active. Allow time for your brain to relax and unwind.  A great substitute for screens is a good relaxing, uplifting book.

When my children were younger, we never watched tv after dinner.  That was a time to get ready for bed, read stories together, and basically unwind from the day.

Create a regular bedtime routine for yourself and for your children.  Children like structure and routine.  It helps create a safe environment for them.  Creating the safe environment and the set routine will help eliminate struggles going to bed.  It also encourages quality time and that extra bit of love that children need to sleep well.

Use essential oils!   Essential oils are a safe, natural, and effective way to support the body in sleep. I have used essential oils for many years and have found that there is not a one size fits all solution, especially for sleep.  Some people diffuse the oils at night while others may put the oils on topically.  We sometimes do both.  Some may find that all they need is lavender to support sleep while others need a combination of oils to rest well.

We found, in our house, with the invisible disabilities that we have going on, that the essential oils that come from the roots and the bark of the trees are the oils that support our efforts to sleep best.  The beauty of essential oils is you can experiment and find what works best for you.

Below are some diffuser recipes to get you started. 

A little trick I have learned to get the best results from my essential oils is to be consistent.  Find the oil that works for you and then use it consistently to get the best results.  

Here a recipe to use topically about a half hour before bed. 


The quality of essential oil matters. Not all oils are created equal.  I have found I get the best results from dōTERRA essential oils.  

You can purchase them retail but I ALWAYS recommend wholesale.  It will get you the biggest bang for your buck.  CLICK HERE to open a wholesale account with me or schedule a wellness consult and we will find the right oils to support you on your journey to better sleep.

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