Imagine what it would be like...

📌 To limit or eliminate the volatile emotions that your child experiences

📌 To naturally ease the anxious feelings that can overwhelm your child and lead to emotional outbursts

📌 If you could help your child learn to have control of their emotions using natural tools

📌 To have peace and calm in your home because your kids are more healthy emotionally

📌 What if YOU could become a HEALER in your home?!

"Jodi has been wonderful to work with.  She is very knowledgeable and committed in helping me to find the right oils to use and how and when to use them to maximize the benefits.  Adding oils to my daily routine of self-care has helped me tremendously and I am so glad I met Jodi."
—Denise Berg

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Keys to Creating a Healthy Family Naturally

In this workshop you will be able to..

📌 Learn the 2 simple changes I made in our home which made a huge impact on limiting and eliminating the volatile emotions of my child

📌 Gain the confidence to address your child's physical and emotional needs using natural solutions

📌 Learn how to ease the anxious feelings that can overwhelm your child 

📌 Have the tools to create a healthy change in the emotional environment in your home

📌 Learn how to become a healer in your own home

"I love working with Jodi!  She is so authentic and caring!  She is incredible at helping you get your mind in the right place so you can find the success you are looking for!  I admire her as a mom with special needs children, as a business woman who knows the steps it takes to success, and as a great coach to help you reach your goals."
—Brandi Jex
"Jodi has been a God send to me personally.  As a mom of a kiddo with FASD, it has been quite the parenting journey.  Jodi has been on a similar journey, just farther ahead.  She has encouraged me.  She has been real with me.  She has helped me realize that I am not alone.  You will benefit from her experience, mistakes and wisdom."
—Ralene Challinor

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