How to Use 
Natural Solutions 
Essential Oils Successfully with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Are you raising a child with FASD?

Are you frustrated with volatile emotions and wide mood swings?

Does your child experience excessive anxious feelings?

Is bedtime a struggle and mornings worse due to lack of quality sleep?

Are you looking for natural solutions to help your child be successful in regulating their emotions?

Hi!  I'm Jodi Randolph.

I am a former school teacher turned homeschool mom of 3.  Adoptive mom of two with FASD.  

I love romantic comedies, CHOCOLATE, my essential oils, and Jesus!

My passion is to help other moms raising children with FASD to feel more confident and encouraged in their journey with their children and to help you create a healthy family environment.  

We have been using natural solutions and essential oils for over seven years with great success.

If you hang out with me long enough you will feel empowered in your use of natural solutions and essential oils, to create a healthier life for your family.

I have known Jodi since 2004 back when we were starting our adoption journey. Over the course of the years, she has been an amazing source of support for me during the ups and downs of adoptive parenting and specifically FASD parenting. Jodi has a wealth of knowledge about not only FASD but adoptive parenting in general and is always supportive and encouraging. I can always count on her to provide wise counsel and encourage me to continue to persevere in my FASD parenting.
~Tiffany Upton~

What if you could...

Support restful sleep

Strengthen the immune system

Ease anxious feelings

Support healthy emotions

Encourage focus 

Bring balance to the excessive high energy

What have you got to lose?

"I love working with Jodi! She is so authentic and caring! She is incredible at helping you get your mind in the right place so you can find the success you are looking for! I admire her as a mom with special needs children, as a business woman who knows the steps it takes to succeed, and as a great coach to help you reach your goals! "
—Brandi Jex

It is possible to support healthy emotions and ease the symptoms of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) using natural solutions.

I have been using natural solutions and essential oils for the last several years with great success.

While there is no cure for FASD, there are natural options to help  manage the symptoms.

Jodi Randolph has been a God send to me personally. As a mom of a kiddo with FASD it has been quite the parenting journey. Jodi has been on a similar journey just farther ahead. She has encouraged me. She has been real with me. She has helped me realize I am not alone. You will benefit from her experience, mistakes, and wisdom!

~Ralene Challinor~

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