Looking for a fun way to transform the environment in your home?

I truly loved candles. My favorite is the cinnamon bun candle.  Have you seen those?  So yummy!

As I dove into my own natural health journey, what I learned about them, I don’t love. 

The fragrances will wreak havoc on your health (respiratory and hormonal to be exact).

I'd like to challenge you to diffuse oils in your home (or your office or your car) every single day.

I want you to feel the benefits of using your oils every day (even if you are not putting them on your body) because you will feel better after these 30+ days together.

Are you up for the challenge?

You'll receive info on diffusing oils and how it works with your body.  PLUS, each day you will get a new diffuser recipe to try!  All right to your inbox.

Keep track of your progress and at the end of the challenge, fill out a short questionnaire, and be entered into a drawing for an ebook on the aromatic use of essential oils.