Essential Oils Masterclass

The most comprehensive natural solutions class available for moms

February 23, 2020
7:00 PM MST

Transform the health and wellness of your family with natural solutions

❤ Rose was 10 and having difficulty focusing during school, especially math.  Her mom started using a blend of essential oils and Rose saw so much difference in her ability to focus that she started using the oils everyday, not just school days.

❤ Addie has difficulty sleeping well.  Her mom noticed this when she was a baby and due to developmental issues, it never got better.  Addie's mom started looking for natural solutions and discovered essential oils.  After, finding the right combination of essential oils, Addie told her mom one morning, "It is so nice to sleep!"

❤ Lynn lives with constant discomfort in her muscles and joints.  She saw incredible improvement after we created a wellness plan and used natural solutions to ease her discomfort.

❤ Susie is raising two children with special needs.  Many days she is exhausted and wishing she had more energy.  She started using the wellness plan we created with natural solutions and today she is able to keep up with the demands of her children's health without feeling exhausted.

Imagine What it would be like if...

You were able to strengthen your child's immune system using simple natural solutions
You were able to balance emotions and create a sense of peace and wellbeing in your home
You were able to design a wellness plan to create lasting wellness in your home
With Natural Solutions and Essential Oils you will be able to create lasting wellness in your home both physically and emotionally.

Why Join this class?

Do you want to use a more natural approach?

What are Essential Oils?

Learn what essential oils are and how to use them safely and effectively in your home to get the best results.

Do you want to make changes but aren't sure how?

Create Your Plan

Learn how to create a wellness plan for you and those in your home.

Have you tried other options and become discouraged?

You get what you pay for!

Choose essential oils and natural solutions with an unmatched purity and quality.

Do you feel alone in your health journey?

Work with me!

When you work with me you will have support through monthly newsletters, FB groups, continuing education classes, and the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute consult with me.

February 23, 2020

7:00 PM MST