April is here, and with it comes a wave of fresh beginnings and exciting updates! 🌷✨

Let's dive into what April has in store:

🌷 POM | Spring with a Twist: Brighten your days with a free 15 mL Citrus Twist when you place a 125 PV loyalty order by April 15th. Embrace this limited-time delight to add a spicy-sweet twist to your diffusing routine. 

🌷10% Off | Safe Seasonal Support: TriEase Softgels are your go-to this April, available at a special 10% discount. Equip yourself with seasonal support that's just a softgel away.

🌷 LTO Customize and Save Update: Customize your wellness with the new MetaPWR Advantage Pom-Cherry flavor, now available for customization and savings for a limited time. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer!

🌷 New Kit | PWR Pack: By popular demand, we're introducing the PWR Pack, which bundles your favorite MetaPWR products at a discounted rate. It's your one-stop shop for metabolic support.

🌷Product Updates: Stay tuned for the exciting reformulation and rebranding of Mito2Max as part of the MetaPWR System, which promises enhanced energy without caffeine.
the Product of the Month 
Citrus Twist

This exclusive blend is a treasure, available only for a limited time during special promotions (like this month!), making it a must-have for every household. When you place a 125 PV loyalty order on or before April 15th, a free Citrus Twist 15 mL will automatically be added to your order. 

The blend of Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Litsea, Ginger essential oils, and Ginger CO2 extract culminates in a masterpiece of aromatherapy. Each component contributes its unique scent profile, from the juicy, fan-favorite aroma of Wild Orange to the herbal, lemony whispers of Lemongrass. Litsea adds its lemon-like freshness, while Ginger introduces a soft, spicy warmth, enhanced by the nuanced Ginger CO2 extract for a richer aromatic experience.

How to best use Citrus Twist

🍊 Diffuse Citrus Twist to bring a bit of warm sunshine into any room.
🍊 For an uplifting morning atmosphere, diffuse Citrus Twist in your kitchen.
🍊 Citrus Twist is the perfect blend to diffuse during the change of seasons and other transitions. 

πŸ€“ Fun Fact πŸ€“

Specifically formulated for diffusion, Citrus Twist actually smells different straight from the bottle than it does from the diffuser. When you open a bottle of Citrus Twist and inhale the aroma, it is distinctly spicy. When diffused, however, Wild Orange takes the stage. 
10% off!


Safe Seasonal Support with TriEase Softgels

Breathe easy and embrace the changing seasons with confidence!

TriEase Softgels are here to be your daily ally against the seasonal shifts. Crafted with a blend of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils, these softgels are your go-to for maintaining clear breathing and overall respiratory health. 

Save 10% this month only! 
Wholesale $25.20 | 21.6 PV | Retail $33.60 

LTO Product

MetaPWR Pack

New Kit | PWR Pack 

By popular demand, we're introducing the PWR Pack, which bundles your favorite MetaPWR products at a discounted rate. 

You'll find...

MetaPWR Recharge
MetaPWR Advantage
PB Assist+ sachets

It's your one-stop shop for metabolic support.

Spring into Wellness DIYs

It is so easy to ditch the toxins and create your own spa care products with all natural ingredients. Use essential oils and simple, easy to find ingredients to create bath salts, hand creams, room sprays, and more.
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