Chaos 2 Calm

Adoptive Mom Care

You have adopted and the honeymoon is over!
Where do you go from here?
Find support and community with Chaos 2 Calm
You will discover natural solutions to manage your child's emotions and tools and techniques to create more balance and peace in your home.
You will be able to talk with other adoptive moms who understand the parenting challenges you are working with.

Do You need to create extra income?

Become a Wellness Advocate

Building a home based business offers the opportunity to serve others while creating an extra income.
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We will discover if this is the right opportunity for you.

Partner Experiences

I love working with Jodi! She is so authentic and caring! She is incredible at helping you get your mind in the right place so you can find the success you are looking for! I admire her as a mom with special needs children, as a business woman who knows the steps it takes to succeed, and as a great coach to help you reach your goals! 

~ Brandi J. ~

Jodi has been wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and committed in helping me to find the right oils to use and how and when to use them to maximize the benefits. Adding oils to my daily routine of self-care has helped me tremendously and I am so glad I met Jodi. 

~ Denise B. ~

Jodi has been a real blessing.  Her interest in my business is very helpful.  I can ask her any question regarding my business or what essential oils to use and she always has a great answer.  She has helped me tremendously with her advice on a health issue I am dealing with.  Jodi is friendly and wants the best for all of us! 

~ Charlene E. ~