Hello, Adoptive Mama

I'm SO excited you are here!

I know that you:

🌿 love your kids with all your heart but sometimes you feel like you are 
in constant survival mode
🌿 wish there was something more you could do to help your child
🌿 want to use natural solutions to improve behaviors, emotions, and 
physical health
🌿 you want to feel your best
🌿 you are tired of being tired

I'm Jodi!

I'm a creative baker, I love springtime, Christmas, beautiful flowers, sandals, and don't forget the chocolate.

I am a teacher turned adoptive homeschool mom turned entrepreneur.

I love life and I love helping others!

Faith, family, essential oils AND don't forget the chocolate!

I am passionate about helping moms (like you!) make simple changes using natural solutions and essential oils to support your family's health and bring calm to the chaos.

🌿🌺🌿 🌺🌿🌺 🌿

You are in the right place for discovering how to utilize the amazing power of essential oils and natural solutions!
You are in the right place for discovering how to utilize the amazing power of essential oils and natural solutions! 
Some other FUN facts you may not know 
about me:

🌺 I love, love, love chocolate. If there was a chocolate essential oil, I would be diffusing it all the time.
🌺 In 7th grade, I felt God leading me to adopt children.
🌺 I started using essential oils when my child was struggling. It literally saved my sanity and brought joy to my life. Another fantastic benefit was my child was able to control emotions better.
🌺 Our pediatrician introduced me to the idea of using natural solutions.
🌺 My favorite thing to do is sit and chat with my husband.

How I Discovered Essential Oils

I came across doTERRA essential oils at a craft show. The more I learned the more I knew my family needed these gifts of the earth. The moment I tried these beautiful treasures, I was in love and knew that I had finally found the answer to supporting our health in a way that made sense.

As adoptive parents we were raising two children with trauma and invisible disabilities. The results I saw in my children's ability to manage their emotions was incredible. We went from chaos to calm. Balance was restored both physically and emotionally. 

I share these incredible gifts of the earth with other moms, because you don't have to live in survival mode all the time. You CAN help your family THRIVE with natural solutions!

Are You Ready To Help Your Family Thrive?

I LOVE helping moms like you master the art of using essential oils and natural solutions to help your family Thrive!