Internal Use of Essential Oils in Your Daily Routine

You probably already know that there are 3 main ways to use your essential oils…
●     Aromatic: When you inhale your oils from the bottle, diffuser jewelry, or use a cool mist diffuser
●     Topical: When you apply essential oils directly to your skin (usually diluted)
●     Internal: When you ingest approved essential oils for therapeutic benefits.

Today let's shine the spotlight on some of the ways you can incorporate internal usage into your daily routines.

First, let's do some label reading. Any doTERRA essential oil with a supplement facts label is safe for internal consumption.

There are 8 key reasons we use essential oils internally.

1.  Support the immune system
2.  Aid digestive support
3.  Ease anxious feelings 
4.  Support the respiratory system
5.  Obtain antioxidants to protect against free radical damage
6.  Ease indigestion and occasional upset stomach
7.  Support cardiovascular system
8.  Provide cleansing to internal organs
To understand these 8 reasons better and the oils to support each reason, CLICK HERE to read this article from doTERRA.
At our house we use essential oils internally by putting in water, under our tongue, or putting in an empty vegie cap.  

But...the way I LOVE using essential oils internally is in my cooking. It is so easy to substitute oils for herbs and spices...AND...did you know that essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. So, you really don't need much to get the same health benefits.

Try Stuffed Chicken Tomatoes for a fun summer recipe!  It can be used as a lunch or light dinner on a hot summer night.
You will find more recipes using essential oils on my blog Eating Freely or on my doTERRA website.

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