Sponsor A Mom for A Coffee Chat

Sponsor an Adoptive mom: 

empower with Mentorship

Are you passionate about supporting adoptive mothers in their journey? Your sponsorship can make a difference in the life of an adoptive mom by providing invaluable mentorship.

About the Program:

Our program connects experienced mentors with adoptive moms seeking guidance, support, and encouragement. Your sponsorship will directly fund Coffee Chat mentoring sessions for these moms, offering them a listening ear, advice, and a safe space to discuss their challenges and triumphs.

"Jodi has lovingly challenged me to think outside the box with my parenting."
—Jenn S.

How your sponsorship helps

  • Mentoring Calls: Your sponsorship covers one-on-one mentoring calls between a seasoned mentor and an adoptive mom.

  • Empowerment: These sessions empower moms by providing guidance on navigating the complexities of parenting adopted children, managing emotions, and building a supportive network.

  • Impact: By sponsoring a mom, you contribute to creating a nurturing environment for her and her adopted child, fostering a happier and healthier family dynamic.
Every contribution counts! 

Your sponsorship directly enables these mentoring sessions, bringing hope and confidence to adoptive mothers as they navigate the beautiful yet challenging journey of parenting.

sponsorship details

  • Cost per Mentoring Call:
  • 2 calls - $97
  • 4 calls - $197

  • Frequency:
  • Every other week or once a month

  • Ready to Make a Difference?
Your generosity will transform lives! Sponsor a mom today!

"Jodi Randolph has been a God send to me personally. As a mom of a kiddo with FASD it has been quite the parenting journey. Jodi has been on a similar journey just farther ahead. She has encouraged me. She has been real with me. She has helped me realize I am not alone. You will benefit from her experience, mistakes, and wisdom!"
—Ralene C.

Are you an adoptive mom?

Do you wish you could talk with someone regularly?

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What's in my box?
Each Encouragement Box is filled with small items that have been hand picked for the foster/adoptive mom to bring encouragement to their day. No two boxes are the same. 
Can I send a box to a non-adoptive mom?
No. Our boxes are designed specifically for the adoptive mom and the foster mom.
Can I send a box to a foster mom?
Absolutely! Foster moms are raising children with trauma and invisible disabilities. This is a challenging endeavor and they too need encouragement.
Can I send a box internationally?
Boxes are only deliverable within the lower 48 United States at this time.
When will my box arrive?
Encouragement boxes are shipped once a month between the 15th and the 20th of the month. 
Can I cancel or return a gift box?
Once the order processes, there are no returns. Each box is packed with care and love especially for the mom you are sponsoring.
What if my sponsor mom doesn’t want the box? 
Who doesn't LOVE a surprise gift?! We are 99% sure she will be delighted to receive a box of encouragement. But, in case she isn't super excited about the gift, she may share it with another mom who needs encouragement. Our goal is to bless as many foster and adoptive moms as God brings into our lives.
Can I donate to the ministry of Do Today Well?
Absolutely! While we are currently not a non-profit, you may give a donation to support the gift box ministry or to offer an opportunity for a foster or adoptive mom to talk with one of our mentors in a Coffee Chat. It is incredibly important for moms to feel supported and encouraged during times of struggle and challenge. Your name will be added to our donor list for the month that you donated. 
Can I get a refund on my Coffee Chat?
The simple answer is no. It is difficult to refund expert advice and compassionate encouragement. We are confident that each mom who participates in a Coffee Chat will be encouraged in her faith and the path God has her on.